Hey look, I’ve got an eBook Reader!

Well, sort of.

Ever since Erik let me play around with his iPad and since Christian had told me about all those papers he reads on his Amazon Kindle II, I realized that an eBook Reader / Touch Tablet bigger than my iPhone would actually be the perfect device for reading the tons of PDFs that are waiting in my Dropbox Folder.

Lakini…. since poverty recently ousted the mayor of wealth in my pockets, and since I do not want to go for a 100,- EUR 7″ Google Android Tablet from China with a lame display, I realized that I should instead save on a better device which will hopefully become available in early 2011. Thinking about an Android device (instead of an Apple iPad) @ 10″ & min 5h battery runtime and some other gimmicks.

So for the moment, my aged Asus eee PC 1000 HG(o) will have to do the trick for me. And fortunately, the screen on this netbook opens up to a very wide angle. With the Intel gfx device driver, just press Ctrl+Alt and one of those arrow keys and the screen will rotate clockwise. Battery runtime is about 4-5h, the machine has multitasking abilities, runs on WInXP and Linux Mint which also means: access to my DropBox folders, a webcam, an internal 3G/UMTS modem and weighs about 1,4kg. Given that I just wanted to have an illuminated vertical screen for displaying my PDFs, life could be worse.

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