jke in 2009 JKE – exiled Nairobian with a passion for & interest in arts, water & sanitation issues, good food and mobile devices.

jke.kikuyumoja.com is my microblogging site for all the stuff that doesn’t belong on the others sites where I also blog: kikuyumoja.com, saniblog.org & afrigadget.com (to name a few). Much of the content pre Nov 2012 used to be hosted on jke.posterous.com, but since Twitter’s acquisition of Posterous in early 2012, the bugs have since remained on Posterous. Hence, time to move on. Who said that WordPress can’t be used for microblogging?

If you are in a similar position and need to import your Posterous data to any WordPress.com/.org site, try this plugin. Autopost via e-mail is realized via the Jetpack plugin (suite) that works tremendously well and also doesn’t require a cron job on my server that would need to check a secret mailbox on a regular basis. Autoposts to Twitter & Co. in the form of ({PostTitle}{PostURL}) are done via the totally awesome IFTTT service. Also, most rectangular images here are from my Instagram feed.

To contact me, just drop a comment on one of the blog posts or use this contact form. Cheers!