Nokia’s real innovation these days

Revised manuals with smarter instructions. (screenshots taken from the German edition of the Nokia 111 / 113 manual, Series S40 OS) As much as I am still 50/50 on Nokia’s inevitable Windows Phone path, this … Read more →

Meanwhile in May…

Cold, colder, Coldermany. ___________________

Smarter laptop design, part 1

The positioning of the power socket within the plastic frame instead of a pcb may be related to costs, but this way it also won’t break off from a pcb (which is a common problem … Read more →


  If able, I would probably have voted for someone else, but I would still like to take this opportunity to thank Uhuru Kenyatta for the SEO improvement my domain has since experienced. Also, … Read more →

Michael Braungart on c2c at TEDxRheinMain

Michael used to be my professor at university and I am glad that he could make it to Rhein-Main area for this talk. He’s talking about P-recycling, btw. ___________________