Wife no. 4 #guitar


Today’s line-up of my guitars on the wall made me pick up this one from the basement. Fixed an ailing fret on this baby – an old guitar I was given by a previous landlord three four years ago in a very bad state.

I may not be such a good player, but fixing broken stuff is what I am passionate about. And now, since I’ve found a sweet way of putting them on my wall, it would be a sin not to keep it with the other guitars.

It’s an interesting guitar – steel strings on an accoustic guitar with bridge pins. There’s a woodmark on it which says “Philharmonic S 1802”. Is it that old? I don’t think so (I don’t know about guitars, but with violins the date inside is just an indicator of the “type” it was copied from). This one is old thouh, the finish already coming off in a lot of places. And the way I repaired it with my basic tools in 2007 (living out of a suitcase by that time) wasn’t satisfying enough. So I reactivated it today, dismantled it again, fixed the fret, polished it up and then…. well….uhhmmm….took it into the bathroom and gave it a torough bath under the shower! Hahahaha….. seriously, it’s what I should have done with it back in 2007.

I never intended of clustering my wall with guitars or any other stuff, other than a painting on each side of the room (here it neighboured by a painting from Sudanese artist Abusharia Ahmed), but having them ready-to-pick whenever I feel like jaming along a song, is just very convenient.

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