Tastebuds – damn, too late


A dating site based on music love – damn, this comes a bit too late as a) I am already engaged since…er… 5? yrs? (…wth?!) and b) have also learned to accept HER music taste which clearly differs from mine (except for her love for Nirvana and Pearl Jam, which is ok). Edit: her music is great! She reads my blog!

So…fortunately, I won’t be in need of this, but the idea is GREAT because music is fokken important in life. Imagine you wake up to someone who listens to the shit they’re playing on the radio.

I’ve connected my Tastebuds.fm profile with last.fm where I’ve been more or less aggregating my listened music. Based on this database, the location and probably something else, Tastebuds.fm then searches for matching profiles. It’s just great to see there are others out there and it isn’t only for dating purposes. Also, just because you and I share the same music love, it doesn’t also imply that we are both getting along with each other.

I should probably recommend such this service to my Indian flat mate who is desperately in need of a girl friend and regularly “skims” dating websites. My advice woul be to limit those activities and creating some personality which would in turn attract chicas. But then, he also doesn’t have any preferences in music – which of course may also be a bonus.

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