Simfy & Spotify on my pc



Simfy is some sort of German clone of Spotify, legal in Germany and their desktop app is based on Adobe Air (which is both good and bad at the same time…).

I think it doesn’t matter which service you are using. I’D PAY for syncing my playlists. I’d LOVE to have a service that syncs all this meta data from all websites with a secured folder in my Dropbox. I’d pay for that. E.g. all playlists and starred songs from spotify, grooveshark, simfy, Or profile information for social networks. Alas…. no such thing out there (yet). And I bet that those websites where such a service would make sense (like on the music services), the playlists are the asset to keep a user attached and that they wouldn’t open their APIs for something like that (just google for groovylists…).

Re: the screenshot above – I bet there are tons of users out there who are using both services and have since tried to DRAG & DROP their playlist from one service to the other. After all, the operating system suggests something like that to the unknowing user. And since Simfy is such copy of Spotify, I myself couldn’t resist from trying this (drag & drop) thing, because maybe, maybe…. sigh.

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