I am seriously wondering how these guys can still be in business… #terrorkom


Deutsche Terrorkom & their prepaid backend online. One way of adding credit / airtime is to have them debit the amount from your bank account. But in order to use this service, you will have to visit a Terrorkom store and register your bank account with them. Then, when you are ready to recharge the prepaid account, you will still be asked to re-enter your bank data. It takes many steps to do all of this – while the other prepaid competitors on the German market already provide much easier processes.
They also confirm every single step with an extra e-mail/notification and when I ordered something in the past, I was sent a letter with 6 pages.

Obviously, the reason why they are not the cheapest is because they have so much bureaucracy that costs a lot money.

I am now only waiting for July 19th 2012 when my (2nd hand) iPhone will eventually be de-netlocked so that I can start using it with my favourite SIM.

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