Biltong (Made in Germany)


Whenever asked if there’s anything I’d like to have from Africa, I usually reply: Biltong – as much as you can carry.

You know my girl friend is a vegetarian, which means I can enjoy all the Biltong by myself. And it’s not that you won’t find any Biltong for sale in Germany – I had even ordered some kgs in the past via mailorder from a German butcher. But most of the time it’s just not as good as it’s supposed to be, and/or it tastes like Beef Jerkey (which is also ok for a carnivore like me, but not the real deal). So, anyways, you can probably well imagine how surprised I was today upon finding this package of good & fresh Biltong for sale at a local supermarket (for the hefty sum of 5,99 € / 150gr, but whatever). Tastes damn fine!

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