Best travel bag I’ve ever bought. #eastpak


“Eastpak Godfather L”, on the right, even fits the smallest compartment.

I had blogged about this purchase before, sometime in 2006 on my main
blog. A really versatile piece of luggage as it’s long and slim enough
for most aisles on the train.

Unfortunately sold out. It’s also a known fact that most Eastpak
customers apparently are Germans as this brand is one of many from the
same manufacture, probably for the EU market only. I wonder why they
don’t produce these anymore and why none of the sister brands offer a
similar bag which is slim enough.

My other fav. bag brand is High Sierra from the US. Unfortunately not
available in Europe.

The messenger bag also is from Eastpak, ex 1996, still going strong.

A good bag is essential if you do a lot of travelling. One that
doesn’t get stuck on narrow aisles and still fits 20-30kg.

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