1st, 2nd and 3rd #simu


So today I did what I should have done three years ago when I got the Nokia E71 for a review via womworld.com (which btw ended up as my longest review ever http://kikuyumoja.com/2008/09/24/jke%E2%80%99s-nokia-e71-review-6-software/ ):

1. I refurbished my hacked Nokia N95 and sold it for a very nice price.
2. Got a used E63 (as pictured above), refurbished it and put it back on auction.
3. Got a used E71 to use as a backup phone and probably also as the 2nd option instead of the iPhone 2G.

I think that the Nokia E71 still is one of the sweetest phones out there and I would like to use it whenever my Android-MIUI-based Motorola Defy f***** up again (ever so often, given that it runs on MIUI). I just need a reliable phone that will last on standby for a few days. The E71 is my choice.

(Dear N95 – good riddance!)

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