Webseiten für später markieren = RIL #Twitter #app #iOS #translated

Ah, I just verified this on my old iPhone 2G (which I haven’t been using for some time now) and it’s true: for some very strange reasons, the settings for “Read It Later” were translated (!) while “Instapaper” wasn’t. Dear Twitter HQs – there’s no need to translate this brand name into something no one understands. I had to google for a solution (because I prefer RIL to Instapaper).

I don’t know who is responsible for this. You don’t even have to be a translator/native speaker to realize that the brand name for a popular app (“ReadItLater”) should never be translated. Especially while the name from the other app remains the same.

Else – I really like the iPad. What’s still missing is the seemless integration of RIL from all apps like what’s already possible with Android. But hey, Android….. 🙂

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