N(o)GO Bureau Kenya website (and why it sucks)


Just who is in charge of such websites?

What really bugs me is that we have some of the smartest (read: academic!) folks in Kenya, yet when it comes to such public websites, there are certain *issues* that leave the page useless to the ordinary user.

E.g. the site running on a slow MS server, non-deleted test user entries like in the screenshot (professional?! yeah, right…), a missing mobile frontend (who uses mobile browsers in Africa? Who uses pc browsers?), default font way too small (it’s just one small css setting!) and that everything is just slower than it should & could be. 

I know it’s easy to criticize, but we have to start somewhere. This ain’t a private site, but a website by an org that was set up by parliament. It just needs to work without any issues.

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