The way it should have been right from the start. Yay! All my posterous/instagram/tumblr needs on my own subdomain. Which means: all images remain on my server. Also now with a paid theme by the fabulous Elmastudio.

For those of you who also want to quit posterous: there’s a plugin by the folks behind WordPress that works ~ okayish. That is, in the beginning it wouldn’t let me import my images from Posterous (which obviously is the main task, as most content on Posterous consists of images), but that was just due to some bad server settings on my side. Also, if this doesn’t work at first, make sure to manually edit your mySQL db and empty some tables on it (like wp_post and wp_postmeta) before you start another import job.

As for the tagline and the image above: it’s a sticker from Kenya that I used to have on the keyboard of my desktop pc. Just because I already spend way too much time in front of these machines.

Sooo…anything below these lines has been imported from Posterous and thus looks a bit out of line or isn’t even centered. But it’s here now – and that’s all that matters, atm. Karibu(ni)!

P.S.: the colours of all links and the header are based on a colourlover.com profile, adopted from an image of a Kikoy. Yes. True love.

P.P.S.: all autoposts to Twitter ({PostTitle}{PostURL}) are done via IFTTT.

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