Compaq Mini 110 & Asus eeePC 1000HG


The 1000HG is mine, the Mini 110 (left) belongs to her father. I think most ppl are going for the Mini 110 because it is said to have a good keyboard, and while typing on the Mini 110 seems to be easier than on the 1000HG, I would still prefer an old-school keyboard like the one on my 1000HG. Else….the Mini 110 isn’t that bad.


Best part about my netbook is that it comes with an internal UMTS modem that works out-of-the-box in Ubuntu & Co. As opposed to my regular “business” notebook – an HP 6930p which apparently only likes Windows XP/7.


If there’s one thing I don’t like about most modern notebooks & netbooks and where I think that most manufacturers just copied Apple’s wrong policies: the screen often does not open more than ~ 140°.

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